Yellow vests to canvas Southern California

Approximately 20,000 Church members wearing yellow "Mormon Helping Hands" vests will participate in service projects throughout Southern California on April 25, according to Kevin Hamilton of the Southern California Public Affairs Council.

"We have approximately 91 stakes from Bakersfield to San Diego and the Mexican border," Brother Hamilton said. "I can't (pinpoint) a precise number, but I believe 86 or 87 of those stakes have a service project planned (for April 25).

Mormon Helping Hands volunteers helped clean up after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
"The theme is 'Community Service, making our communities a better place.' (The volunteers) will be working under the direction or under the brand of Mormon Helping Hands. They'll be wearing the yellow vests. We estimate there will be somewhere around 20,000 participants area-wide."

Some of the planned projects include repairing schools, renovating community parks, cleaning up beaches, volunteering at a cancer fund raiser, generally beautifying the community and picking up trash at Joshua Tree National Park.